Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Q-bit and how do I become involved with the project?

Learn more about what Q-bits are, how they are used, and how to become involved as a faculty tester from the testing guidelines page. You can fill out the Tester Intake Plan form to inform us of your interest in testing and/or email Monica Bruckner for more information (mbruckne at carleton dot edu).

Do I need to use the entire Q-bit, or can I pick which piece(s) to use?

You can choose to use whichever piece(s) of the Q-bit you'd like. For the purposes of the pilot study, we ask that you do your best to get students to complete the consent form and the pre- and post-check multiple-choice questions. We cannot look at student data without consent, so it is vitally important that students complete that form, regardless of whether or not they opt in to the study. [Note: any data from students who do not opt in will not be looked at. Instructors will not know which students opted in/out.]

Where and how will students access Q-bits?

Each Q-bit is hosted as a stand alone "course" in your school's LMS. For each of your classes using Q-bits, your local IT liaison (see Testers Guide for contacts) will be able to provide Q-bit access to your students.

Can students use Q-bits through our tutoring center or peer mentoring program?

Q-bits may be available to students through your QS/QR center or tutoring program. For more information on this mode of use, contact Laura Muller, ljm3 AT williams DOT edu.

Is the format set, or can I reorganize the Q-bit material for my class?

During the pilot study, we ask that Q-bit modules are employed as is, in the same format across institutions. This will ensure the project design remains consistent across institutions. You may choose which Q-bit elements to use and whether they are required or optional. We ask that instructors collect the consent form (so we can use the data from students who opt in) and pre-/post-check multiple choice knowledge questions (so we have baseline data on student performance).

How do I get a consent form?

Your institution's IT person should set up a consent form for each institution and link to it within the Q-bit module. To protect anonymity, instructors will not be able to see which students opt in or out of the study. We ask that all instructors have students complete the consent form early in the term, as we are not able to look at the data without student consent. Data from any student who opts out of the study will not be provided to the project evaluators.

Do students need to complete a consent form before using the Q-bit?

Students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to complete the consent for before accessing Q-bits. We ask that they complete the consent form as soon as possible so we can look at data for those opting in as soon as it's available.

Why are the Pre-check questions required to unlock the module?

In an effort to collect baseline data for the effectiveness of the materials, we ask that faculty use the pre- and post-check multiple choice knowledge questions. Making the pre-check questions mandatory helps to ensure some data is collected; we cannot ensure post-check data will be collected, but some institutions may choose to employ badges as an incentive to get students to complete them.

What kind of feedback do students get from the questions?

On the pre/post check multiple choice questions, students will see the correct answers once they complete the entire quiz. On the application problems, students will have two tries with no feedback, upon submitting their third answer, they will be shown answer or hint that links to a video or document explaining the answer.

How can I incentivize students to complete the module pieces?

If it is an option in your LMS, you may choose too issue a badge (e.g. "master of the module") to students. We suggest that to earn the badge the students need to complete 1) the Pre-check, 2) at least one Application Problem with a 'passing grade' (to be defined by faculty) and 3) the Post-check with a 'passing grade' (again to be defined by faculty).

Who is responsible for exporting Q-bit data?

Because the Q-bits are stand alone in each LMS at each institution and some may be shared by multiple classes, we will ask IT person to export the pre-check and post-check responses and scores, the LMS logs (click stream) and possibly the badge data.

How do I/my institution upload student data?

You can use the appropriate form, linked from this data upload forms page to securely upload student data.

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