Developer Guide

Module design rubric

Each Q-bit will include a video that matches your content, two application problems, pre- and post-questions that will assess student learning, and a context video. For more detailed information and guidelines for developing and submitting components of the Q-lab, see:

Q-lab Coggle

Copyright guidelines

Please take into account copyright restrictions as you submit materials to this project and properly cite any material submitted. Ideally, components submitted to the project will not be restricted in use, modification, or redistribution, by either being in the Public Domain or shared via a Creative Commons or similar license (this search engine is a great mechanism for searching for Creative Commons and Public Domain materials). If materials are subject to copyright, we may ask you to write the copyright holder to obtain permission to re-post the file.

In addition, we encourage developers to share the materials they create with a Creative-Commons license to promote widespread use in the community. Learn more about Creative Commons here . More information about copyright can be found here.

Repository info / file naming convention

In order to help organize materials across the project and ensure consistency across modules, we ask that you use the following file naming convention.