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Cell Biology Education Consortium (CBEC), Ouachita Baptist University and Jacksonville State University part of CUREnet:Profiles
The Cell Biology Education Consortium (CBEC) is an NSF-RCN funded network of faculty and students designing and utilizing tissue culture resources in the context of cell biology CUREs. These resources are called Cell Blocks and can be used in a mix-and-match fashion to answer unique, authentic research questions. The modular design of CBEC makes it extremely flexible to implement. Faculty can address very different research questions using the pedagogical and technical tools, ranging from studying cancer lines to neuron functioning. (Read more...)

Funding: Cancer / Neuron CURE (Cell Biology) and Synthetic Biology (Genetics) part of CUREnet:Funding Examples
Nathan Reyna, Ouachita Baptist University CURE Description We have two funded or partially funded CUREs. 1. Cancer/Neuron CURE. In this CURE, students work in groups to examine the influence of various chemicals ...

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CURE Sustainability Workshop
October 2019