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What we wish we would have known about theories of change and change theory at the beginning part of Accelerating Systemic Change Network:Posts
Six years ago when we first met, we were two individuals who identified a common challenge on our campuses – namely supporting students who arrived with varying comfort and experience using quantitative (Q) ...

Fostering inter-institutional learning to understand quantitative skills support ecosystems part of Transforming Institutions Conference 2023:Program:Poster Presentations
In a 2009 article, "Change in Higher Education: Not enough, or too much?", Adrianna Kezar argues that multiple initiatives at an institution, with overlapping interests but without coordinated efforts, ...

A Case Study of How STEM Education Practitioners Think about Change Theory, Change Strategies, and Making Relevant Project Choices part of Transforming Institutions Conference 2023:Program:Presentations:Session E
Practitioners can be challenged in understanding the language around change strategies and change theories in developing projects to bring about institutional change because of a lack of insider knowledge about how ...