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Rollins College

<p class="MsoNormal">Susan Singer is Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost at Rollins. Previously, she was Division Director for Undergraduate Education at NSF and Gould Professor of Biology at Carleton, where she directed the Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching. She pursues a career integrating science and education aimed at improving undergraduate education at scale, including research on networks of organizations working to advance undergraduate STEM education. Susan is a AAAS fellow, and recipient of the American Society of Plant Biology teaching award and Botanical Society of America Charles Bessey award. She is a past-chair of AAAS’ Education Section. Currently, Susan is an AAU Senior Scholar for the Undergraduate STEM Education Initiative, chairs the NASEM Board on Science Education and serves on the Board on Life Sciences and the Roundtable on Systematic Change in Undergraduate STEM Education. She chaired the several National Academies’ studies, including Discipline-based Education Research. Website:

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Organization-focused Networks as Levers for Change: A Research-Based Theoretical Framework to Conceptualize their Work part of Accelerating Systemic Change Network:Transforming Institutions Conference 2021:Program:Presentations:Session V
Networks are a powerful lever for advancing improvements in STEM education by leveraging sustained collaboration focused on a common goal. This proposed workshop will provide an opportunity for ASCN attendees to ...