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Mineral Classification part of Mineralogy:Activities
This homework assignment challenges students to determine the chemical classification of minerals based on their chemical formula. Students must also provide the valences of the various cations for oxygen-bearing ...

Point Groups part of Mineralogy:Activities
This mineralogy problem set tasks students with determining the point group Hermann-Mauguin symbol and crystal system for crystal stereograms.

Space Group Symmetry part of Mineralogy:Activities
This assignment tasks students with determining symmetry axes and identifying Hermann-Mauguin symbols for space groups based on a symmetry diagram.

Mineral Stoichiometry part of Mineralogy:Activities
Students are given mineral chemical analyses, from which students must determine cation formulae and mole ratios.

Coupled Substitutions part of Mineralogy:Activities
Students calculate the composition of minerals in weight percent given relative proportions of given end members. Students must also calculate mole percentages for feldspars based on their mineral analyses.

Mineral Densities part of Mineralogy:Activities
This homework assignment is designed to help students learn about mineral densities and cell edge lengths by having them calculate each.

Properties of Light part of Mineralogy:Activities
This problem set tests students understanding of the properties of light, including velocity, frequency, reflection, and refraction.

Phase Diagrams part of Mineralogy:Activities
Students are given a simplified temperature-composition phase diagram for the system enstatite (Mg2Si2O6) - diopside (CaMgSi2O6), and asked to interpret it by answering a series of questions.

Using Excel to Calculate Mineral Chemical Analyses part of Mineralogy:Activities
This problem set guides students through making a spreadsheet to calculate mineral chemical analyses from weight percent to atoms per given number of oxygen atoms. This skill will be useful for the major ...

X-Rays part of Mineralogy:Activities
This homework assignment tests students' understanding of x-rays and x-ray diffraction using wavelength data and physics equations.

Courses (2)

Introduction to Geology 1 part of Introductory Courses:Courses
This is an introductory geology for majors and nonmajors. Students study the Earth, its materials, its characteristics, its dynamic processes, and how it relates to people. A separate lab (GEOL 1030) is optional. ...

Geology 3010 Mineralogy part of Course Design:Goals Database
This course describes the origin, occurrence, identification, classification, and uses of minerals. Applications of mineralogy to economic geology and petrology are emphasized. More information about many of the ...