Susan Shadle

Boise State University

Susan Shadle is the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, and a Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Boise State University. She received her PhD in inorganic chemistry from Stanford University and spent a decade on the faculty and earned tenure in the Chemistry Department at Boise State before moving into her current position in 2006. She has received a number of teaching accolades, including the Boise State College of Arts and Science Award for Distinguished Teaching (2000), the Boise State University Foundation Scholar Award for Teaching (2004), the Boise State University Honors College Professor of the Year (2005), and the Carnegie Professor of the Year for Idaho (2015). In her current role, she works with faculty across the campus to support teaching effectiveness and facilitate engagement in student learning. Susan is involved in the national POGIL Project, facilitating workshops and supporting the work of the Project.  She is currently the PI of an NSF-funded WIDER grant aimed at transforming STEM teaching and learning at Boise State.

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The CACAO model focuses on four elements that are important to any change process: the Change, the Adopters, the Change Agents, and the Organization. Individuals working to enact change follow a process to identify the change, meet the needs of individual adopters in different stages of adoption, and enact changes within an organization.