Cynthia Hewitt


Morehouse College

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Unit 3: Food Systems In Action part of Food as the Foundation for Healthy Communities
In the capstone, Unit 3, students are provided a real-world example of local community action to address the challenge of "healthy food access." The 2015 Leon County (Florida) Sustainable Communities ...

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Cynthia Hewitt: Using Food as the Foundation for Healthy Communities in Social Inequality: Class, Race, and Gender Class at Morehouse College part of Food as the Foundation for Healthy Communities
I used the FEWS - Food, Energy, Water Systems - Module to offer a more modernized understanding of the challenges of inequality today when simply having more is not really an option. We focus on classical Marxist theory of capitalist cycles and contradictions, racial oppression, and the changing world of work. This module allows me to get students to then focus on what really constitutes the "goods" in life, precisely including the FEWS which otherwise remain backgrounded. We thus bring our gaze to our personal selves and in so doing, connect with all people globally.