Heather Karsten


Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Heather Karsten, PhD

Associate Professor, Dept. of Plant Science, The Pennsylvania State University

116 Agricultural Sciences & Industries Bldg. University Park, PA 16802



Webinar Leader, Website Contributor

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Course Modules (4)

Module 8: Pests and Integrated Pest Management part of Future of Food
This module introduces three types of agricultural pests (insects, weeds, and pathogens), integrated pest management, and some of the transgenic crop technologies developed to reduce crop pests.

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Course (1)

Heather Karsten: Using "The Future of Food" in 2016 part of Future of Food
This is a new introductory course on agriculture and food systems, the challenges and some potential strategies for sustainability. I co-taught the course with Steven Vanek and I was the instructor for three modules. This was my first experience teaching a "flipped class". Students were responsible for reading online, taking a weekly quiz online and submitting a formative assignment online before the class meeting. This format allowed us to review their quizzes and assessments and discuss material students had difficulty with, introduce themes of the second part of the module and the summative assessment, and for students to apply their understanding towards analyzing and interpreting data in a summative assignment.

Webinar Leader

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