Charles Henderson

Department of Physics, Mallinson Institute for Science Education, Center for Research on Instructional Change in Postsecondary Education

Western Michigan University

Charles Henderson is a Professor at Western Michigan University (WMU), with a joint appointment between the Physics Department and the WMU Mallinson Institute for Science Education. He is the co-founder and co-director of the WMU Center for Research on Instructional Change in Postsecondary Education (CRICPE). His research program focuses on understanding and promoting instructional change in higher education, with an emphasis on improving undergraduate STEM instruction. Dr. Henderson’s work has been supported by over $7M in external grants and has resulted in a many publications (see  He has been a Fulbright Scholar with the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. Dr. Henderson is the senior editor for the journal Physical Review - Physics Education Research and has served on two National Academy of Sciences Committees: Undergraduate Physics Education Research and Implementation, and Developing Indicators for Undergraduate STEM Education.

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Accelerating Systemic Change Network part of Accelerating Systemic Change Network
The Accelerating Systemic Change Network (ASCN) is a network of individuals and institutions, formed with the goal of more quickly advancing STEM education programs. Our unique approach is to bring together those who are researching systemic change at higher education institutions, with those who are making systemic change happen at their individual institutions. By closing the loop between researchers and change agents, we aim to accelerate change at program and institution levels, and to improve STEM education nationally.

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Charles Henderson, Center for Research on Instructional Change in Postsecondary Education (CRICPE) CRICPE has focused on being inclusive and building partnerships throughout the University. One of our major ...

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A Planning Tool for Successful Change The Change Dashboard was developed for use in the ASCN Systemic Change Institute. Its structure was developed to scaffold thinking about change based on the experience of ...