Allison Smith

New York University and Action Network for Equitable Wellbeing

Allison J Smith, M.P.A., is the Director of Health Strategy and Outcomes at New York University. Additionally, she co-founded and co-leads the Action Network for Equitable Wellbeing. Her focus is on the use of network approaches and structured methods for changemaking to spark innovation, translate knowledge into practice, and accelerate measurable improvement of population health and toward equitable wellbeing in higher education settings. Allison has been awarded external funding to design and lead several groundbreaking national improvement collaboratives that support colleges and universities in advancing transformational change to improve student health and wellbeing outcomes. She has also received national recognition for facilitating impactful collaborations and systemic change at NYU, including university-wide efforts to address equity gaps within the NYU LGBTQ+ student community, and developing new strategies to activate college students to be engaged in their own health and the health of their communities. Allison is an appointed member of the ACHA-NCHA Advisory Committee, served as Chair of the ACHA Healthy Campus 2020 Coalition, co-authored revisions to the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) Health Promotion Standards, and is a frequent speaker at national and regional conferences. 

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Getting Better at Getting Better: Using the Science of Improvement to Accelerate Systemic Change in Higher Education part of Transforming Institutions Conference 2023:Program:Workshops
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