Meryl Motika

University of California-Davis

Meryl Motika is the Interim Associate Director for Educational Analytics and Assessment in the Center for Educational Effectiveness (CEE) at UC Davis. Her background includes a Ph.D. in Economics from UC, Irvine and B.A. in Public Policy Analysis from Pomona College as well as experience teaching at St. Lawrence University and conducting research at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank and the National Economic Development and Law Center (now Insight CCED) in Oakland, California. At CEE, she leads the data analysis team in measuring the effects of new teaching practices, programs such as advising and TA orientation, and other aspects of the academic experience at UC Davis, as well as supervising the student learning outcomes assessment program. 

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Using equity data to promote change in introductory classrooms part of Accelerating Systemic Change Network:Transforming Institutions Conference 2021:Program:Presentations:Session IV
Educational analytics has been in use by our higher education institutions for the last 10 years, or more, with an emphasis on university-wide metrics, advising support and various student-focused focused tools. In ...