Venkatesh Merwade

Civil Engineering

Purdue University-Main Campus

Project Leader, Webinar Leader, Workshop Leader, Website Contributor

Project Leader

Data and Model Driven Hydrology Education part of Data and Model Driven Hydrology Education
This collaborative project enhances hydrology education by creating a cyberinfrastructure for organized community efforts to develop, share, and publish data-driven curriculum for teaching undergraduate hydrogeology.

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Venkatesh Merwade: Using Modeling Flood Hazards in CE 54200 - Hydrology at Purdue University-Main Campus part of Flood Hazards
My class included upper level undergraduate and entry level graduate students interested in learning the hydrologic cycle and its different components. After learning all the different processes starting from rainfall and ending with streamflow, this module provided a way to bring some of these topics together in a module that showed the practical implementation of these concepts to address a societal issue - flooding.