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Fold Analysis Challenge part of GEODE:GEODE Teaching Resources
The Fold Analysis Challenge (FAC) uses Google Earth and a customized Google Earth interface to help students visualize the orientations of eroded dipping sedimentary layers and to visualize the geometries of folds ...

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How have Terrane Accretion, Rifting, and Recent Mantle Dynamics Shaped the Lithosphere beneath the New England Appalachians? part of Cutting Edge:Courses:Structural Geology and Tectonics:2022 Structure and Tectonics Forum:Abstracts
Paul Karabinos, Williams College Yantao Luo, Yale University Roberto Masis Arce, Rutgers University Kimberly Espinal, Yale University Laura Webb, University of Vermont Maureen Long, Yale University Vadim Levin, ...

Creating, Disseminating, and Testing Interactive 3D Models for Teaching Structural Geology part of Structural Geology and Tectonics:2014 Structure and Tectonics Forum Abstracts
Paul Karabinos, Williams College Many fundamental geologic concepts are rooted in 3D spatial relationships. Well-crafted 2D perspective diagrams illuminate such relationships for some students, but interactive 3D ...