Christine von Renesse

Westfield State University

Christine von Renesse is a passionate teacher, who loves teaching at all levels — from elementary school through College. She uses open inquiry techniques in all her classes, believing that this is the most effective and enjoyable way of learning and teaching. Christine has been running workshops for K-12 teachers and higher education faculty for the last 10 years, first as part of the Discovering the Art of Mathematics project, then as part of the Academy of Inquiry-Based Learning project. Christine also co-founded the New England Community for Inquiry-Based Learning and is on the NSF grant team of the national COMMIT network. Christine has a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, a Minor in Music and a Master's Degree in Mathematics from the Technical University Berlin, Germany. After receiving her Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, she is now a professor at Westfield State University, MA.



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