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Reflective Judgment and Course Performance part of ACM Pedagogic Resources:ACM Teagle Collegium:Project Reports
This project examined links between students' metacognition and other learning strategies (MSLQ), reflective judgment, and their overall course performance in two undergraduate courses: A First Year Experience, two block (two-month) course and a one block upper division course. Student e-journal entries were coded for reflective judgment (RJ) at the beginning and end of each course, and questionnaires examining metacognition and other learning strategies were administered at the beginning and end of each course. Student in both courses were taught the developmental sequence of reflective judgment midway through the course. Upper division students demonstrated a higher level of reflective judgment in e-journal entries compared to First Year Experience students and their questionnaire responses indicated a greater sense of self-efficacy and greater control over their learning. Students in both courses increased in critical thinking skills from the beginning to the end of the courses.