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The Use of Metacognitive Prompts in a Sampling-Distribution Exercise part of ACM Pedagogic Resources:ACM Teagle Collegium:Project Reports
In introductory statistics, the idea of a sampling distribution is an essential building block, yet a conceptually difficult idea for students. It's a slippery idea that students blithely think they understand, yet struggle to explain. Bingo! This appeared a juicy class space to add metacognitive prompts. Specifically, I created a groupwork activity with problems centered on the sampling distribution of the mean. These problems incrementally asked for more metacognition from the students. I also created a short assessment to give both before and after the activity. Knowing the difficult nature of in‐class research, I still formed a challenging research question: Can a groupwork activity that engages students' metacognition improve students' understanding (based on test performance) about the sampling distribution of a sample average?

Sampling Distribution of an Average: Exercises to Aid Student Understanding part of ACM Pedagogic Resources:ACM Teagle Collegium:Activities
This activity includes sampling-distribution exercises with metacognitive prompts. Its designed for small group work during one class period.