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From Deficit to Asset Framing: How Shifting Faculty Mindset Framing Can Positively Affect Student Motivation and Belonging part of Accelerating Systemic Change Network:DEI in STEMM Blog Series
Student's cultural wealth and faculty mindset framing are often overlooked aspects of educational practice that if addressed, could lead to meaningful change and academic success of students. To shift toward ...

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Blueprint for Accelerating Change in Social Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in STEM Curricula part of Transforming Institutions Conference 2023:Program:Workshops
Our group is developing a book and eventually a grant to support and give examples of curricular ideas that use Social and Racial Justice issues for STEM curricula. The book will aim to provide change agents, ...

The Role of Community Colleges in Improving Bachelor's Degree Completion part of Transforming Institutions Conference 2023:Program:Symposia:Session IV
Community colleges are playing an increasing role in, and thus have a growing focus on, bachelor's degree attainment. Nationally, community colleges serve more than a third of all undergraduate students. ...