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Who We Are

Our organization offers its members a network of individuals, institutions, and corporations united by the common goal of quantitative literacy for all citizens. Through national meetings, faculty workshops, research initiatives, and information sharing, the National Numeracy Network aims to strengthen the capacity of our country in the quantitative areas of business, industry, education, and research across all disciplines. Learn more

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NNN Blog

The NNN is now blogging! Check the blog often to read and comment on new posts.

The NNN Journal: Numeracy

The NNN is delighted to present our e-journal - Numeracy: Advancing Education in Quantitative Literacy.

NNN Columns

Columns on quantitative issues written by members of the organization. New column on Swing Vote ratios! How responsive is our representation to changes in national vote share?

NNN Speaker Biographies

Looking for an expert to address quantitative issues at your institution? Check out these NNN members as potential speakers.


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What is Numeracy? Quantitative Literacy? Quantitative Reasoning?

"Some call it Numeracy, an expression first used in the UK's 1959 "Crowther Report" to include secondary school students' ability to reason and solve sophisticated quantitative problems, their basic understanding of the scientific method, and their ability to communicate at a substantial level about quantitative issues in everyday life"... More

Teaching Resources

Find a growing body of resources for teaching Quantitative Reasoning at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Quantitative Literacy Projects

Browse a collection of descriptions of projects that develop and support Quantitative Literacy at a number of levels.

News and Events

See all the current news and events related to the NNN as well as links to past events and meetings.

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