Yellowstone National Park as a Hotbed for Inquiry

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Learn about volcanoes and how scientists monitor them. Then conduct a jigsaw activity to place a research station within Yellowstone National Park, in a location where it will be safe from regional natural hazards of volcanos, earthquakes, heated water, and changes in the shape of the surface of the land.

Presenter(s): Shelley Olds (UNAVCO)

When: 2014 AGU-NESTA GIFT Workshop, December 15-16, 2014

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Download PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 5.4MB Jun9 16)

Classroom Activities

Download PDF (Acrobat (PDF) 1.7MB Jun9 16)

Supporting Documents, Websites, and Data

Color versions of the PowerPoint presentations, including teacher notes, plus all the data files to carry out the activity are located at Taking the Pulse of Yellowstone's "Breathing" Volcano: Problem-Based Learning in America's First National Park on UNAVCO's website.