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It was interesting to find out how many deaths are heat related. Living in Texas, this information is necessary as it is hot of the year here. This makes me realize how important it is for students to know about the dangers of heat, how to prevent heat sicknesses as well as help others around them.


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Rebecca .... do you have some ideas about how you will engage your students in learning about heat sickness and safety, and the science behind them?


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Heat is under estimated. I'm a born and raised a Florida Native. The first thing visitors do is go to our beautiful beaches. Always use sun screen. Even on an over cast day, you can get a sun burn. If you partake in celebrations and could fall asleep on the beach, use a lot of sun screen before hand because alcohol will greatly increase the severity of your sun burn and you could get "sun blisters" or sun poisoning. Also, drink lots of water. Sadly, our heat affects the elderly in bad ways and can cause heat strokes. To prevent this you can stay hydrated with water and Gatorade. Staying in the air conditioning is a must do. Keep cold wash rags on your head. Heat lightning is an awesome weather surprise that looks really cool. Florida is the capital for lightning strikes so remember that the lightning is real close and stay inside and off of land line phones. Do not go under a tree and get out of the water. Heat is not anything you can prevent from happening but keeping your limits to heat can help prevent you from trouble. Best


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Rebecca - I am an environmental educator and go out to schools to do programs for students. I bring up the dangers of heat during a wild walk that I take some of the students on (they are so lucky and have a nature trail right next to the school). We talk about both heat hazards, how to tell someone is having trouble and what to do. I also make sure they all have water before we leave and explain why.


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