Students in the Lead: Game Design for Learning Earth Science

Peg Steffen, former NOAA Ocean Service Education coordinator, discusses game design. Games are increasingly used in classrooms to help inspire curiosity, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skills. They can introduce real-world challenges and encourage systems thinking while learning Earth science content in non-traditional ways. This presentation introduces ways to help you create a design atmosphere in your classroom, how to get started in game design, and potential game challenges that will excite and motivate your students to dig into the Earth sciences.

In case you missed it, watch the video from the presentation. You can still earn one contact hour of professional development if you contribute below to the online discussion about the presentation.

By end of day on Wednesday, September 26...

Engage in a discussion about using game design in teaching Earth science. Share ideas with your colleagues about content, pedagogy, or teaching resources. Contribute to the conversation by making at least two "significant" posts to the discussion thread, and receive a certificate for one contact hour of professional development. You may either create a new thread or reply to an existing one.

Some ways you can contribute include the following:

  • Share insights you gleaned during the webinar
  • Reply to a question raised by a colleague
  • Post other related teaching resources
  • Make connections between this webinar's content and your personal experiences in formal or informal teaching settings

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