Fall GIFT Workshop
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Thank you for your interest in presenting at the AGU-NESTA 2019 Fall Geophysical Information for Teachers (GIFT) Workshop. The workshop is scheduled for December 9-10, 2019, at the AGU Fall Meeting. The workshop typically is attended by 50-75 educators, primarily middle and high school teachers, but includes educators working in elementary schools and informal community-based education centers as well. Participating in the AGU-NESTA GIFT workshop is an excellent way to share your science and associated educational resources with teachers and help them bring these resources directly into their classrooms.

AGU and NESTA are soliciting applications from teams composed of at least one scientist and at least one education specialist (e.g. outreach specialist, science teacher) to provide presentations during the workshop. A "presentation" will be composed of a talk on an Earth or space science topic appropriate for K-12 educators coupled with one or more closely related hands-on or data-based classroom activities, with a full time for presentation of 1.5 hours. To ensure that the presentation is appropriate for the K-12 classroom, applicants are required to provide information on the relevance of the presentation topic to the Next Generation Science Standards.

Applications for presentations will be taken through September 25, 2019. At least one of the individuals involved in the presentation must be a member of AGU or be sponsored by a member of AGU. Applications will be reviewed by a committee drawn from AGU scientists, K-12 teachers, the AGU EPO community, AGU Education Staff, and the NESTA Board of Directors, who will help identify the proposals that appear to be the most appropriate to teacher needs and AGU goals and objectives. Final decisions on selected presentation teams will be made by October 1, 2019.

Each team of presenters will receive one free full-week registration to the AGU Fall Meeting, to be used by a member of the presenting team. All K-12 educators already receive free registration to AGU, so typically the GIFT free registration is used by the science presenter or someone else on the team who is not a K-12 educator.

About Your Team

Position - Select All that Apply and/or Type in the Other Position Box:

Position - Select All that Apply and/or Type in the Other Position Box:

About Your Presentation

AGU has three key science propriety areas: 1) climate change, 2) natural hazards, and 3) natural resources. Please indicate if you think your presentation is aligned with one of these areas or if it addresses a current issue/hot topic in Earth and Space science. (Check as many as you feel are appropriate to your presentation. Otherwise check "Does Not Apply".)

Grade level(s) of the activity/activities

How Your Presentation Supports the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) incorporate the three dimensions of learning from the National Research Council's Framework for K-12 Science Education. These include 1) Science and Engineering Practices, 2) Crosscutting Concepts, and 3) Disciplinary Core Ideas. Your talk and activities should address these dimensions so that students in the classrooms of teachers participating in the GIFT workshop can meet NGSS performance expectations. From the lists below, choose the one most relevant practice, and the one most relevant crosscutting concept plus no more than three disciplinary core ideas (DCI's) addressed by your presentation.
Science and Engineering Practices

Crosscutting Concepts

Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI's)When selecting a DCI, consider the grade level of your presentation.
Earth and Space ScienceESS1 Earth's Place in the Universe

ESS2 Earth's Systems

ESS3 Earth and Human Activity

Workshop Materials for Your PresentationPlease upload workshop materials for review. These materials include resources that you provide to participants, such as activity lesson plans, datasheets, PowerPoint presentations for the talk or an outline of talking points, and supporting websites or datasets, if applicable. Applications that do not include workshop materials are typically not selected for the GIFT workshop. GIFT workshop participants receive these digital resources prior to the workshop. You should own the copyright to these materials or they should be sharable under the Creative Commons license. In the past teachers have rated these resources as one of the most valuable aspects of the GIFT workshop. After the workshop, these resources will be made freely available to educators via the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA) website. Making these resources available to other educators increases the reach and potential educational impact of your workshop content and activities.
If you have presented these materials to educators before, you may also wish to provide reviewers with past evaluation information. Upload all files in Word, pdf, or PowerPoint format.

Other GIFT OpportunitiesShare-a-Thon
Teams which are not selected to present full 1.5 hr workshops at GIFT will have an opportunity to present in one of the two GIFT Workshop Share-a-Thons. If your presentation is not selected for a full workshop presentation, would you like to have your presentation considered for participation in one of the Share-a-Thons? Share-a-Thons are similar to a poster session, except you share an activity or resource with teachers, who circulate around the room to multiple presenters during a one hour event. Share-a-Thon presenters are given some table space to set up materials for teachers (but not a poster display board), and are expected to provide a copy of resources for the teachers to take with them.

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