Past Officers

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Several leaders have held many different NESTA offices, some of them serving the organization for ten or more years. Since NESTA was founded, there have been four Executive Directors and seventeen terms for Presidents, President-Elects, Secretaries, and Treasurers.

Executive Director

Date Executive Director
1982-1992 Dr. Harold B. "Stoney" Stonehouse
1993-2006 Dr. M. Frank Watt Ireton
2006-2015 Dr. Roberta M. Johnson
2015-2020 Dr. Carla McAuliffe

Executive Committee

Date President President-Elect Secretary Treasurer
1983-86 Jan Woerner Sharon Stroud Marilyn Miles Rod Cranson
1986-88 Sharon Stroud Charles Gaides Carolyn Brockway Rod Cranson
1988-90 Frank Watt Ireton Mike Burton Len Sharp Rod Cranson
1990-92 Mike Burton Len Sharp Leslie Gordon Rod Cranson
1992-94 Len Sharp Linda Knight Michael Smith Bruce Hall
1994-96 Linda Knight Howard Dimmick Michelle Bartlett Bruce Hall
1996-98 Howard Dimmick Linda Selvig Michelle Bartlett Bruce Hall
1998-2000 Linda Selvig Tom Ervin Michelle Bartlett Bruce Hall
2000-2002 Tom Ervin Carl Katsu Linda Selvig Bruce Hall
2002-2004 Carl Katsu Tom Ervin Linda Selvig Bruce Hall
2004-2006 Tom Ervin Parker Pennington IV Linda Selvig Bruce Hall
2006-2008 Parker Pennington IV Dr. Michael J. Passow Missy Holzer Bruce Hall
2008-2010 Dr. Michael J. Passow Ardis Herrold Missy Holzer Bruce Hall
2010-2012 Ardis Herrold Missy Holzer Jenelle Hopkins Howard Dimmick
2012-2014 Missy Holzer Dr. Michael J. Passow Jenelle Hopkins Howard Dimmick
2014-2016 Dr. Michael J Passow Cheryl L.B. Manning Lisa Alter Howard Dimmick
2016-2018 Cheryl L.B. Manning Belinda Jacobs Lisa Alter Howard Dimmick
2018-2020 Belinda Jacobs Dr. Richard Jones Dr. Missy Holzer Howard Dimmick
2020-2022 Dr. Richard Jones John-Henry Cottrell Dr. Missy Holzer Howard Dimmick