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The National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA) is a member-run, nonprofit educational organization supporting K-12 teachers of Earth and space science, helping to fuel the passion for the Earth and beyond. We rely on your donations to fund our programs, such as professional development workshops and webinars. You can contribute to NESTA when you shop through AmazonSmile or by donating directly.


You Shop. Amazon gives.
NESTA has become a member of AmazonSmile.

Support NESTA through Amazon. If you are an shopper, there is a simple way to support NESTA, at no cost to you. Instead of logging into, go to On your first visit, specify National Earth Science Teachers Association as your preferred charity. Each purchase you make benefits NESTA.

How does AmazonSmile work? When you shop at, you'll see the same products as on The difference is that Amazon will contribute to NESTA 0.5% (half of 1%) of the purchase price. You help NESTA without spending any additional money.

Can I use my existing account on AmazonSmile? Yes you use the same account on and at the related Your shopping cart, wish list and other account settings are also the same. It's important to bookmark, so you remember to go there instead of Once you've specified NESTA as you charity, Amazon will remember your selection, and every purchase will result in a donation.

The donations that go to NESTA are not tax deductible by you, as they are made by the AmazonSmile Foundation. But this is a great way to help NESTA while doing your online shopping. If you forget and shop at regular, simply abandon your cart before you checkout. Then log into – your cart will be waiting there for you and when you check out. AmazonSmile Foundation will make a donation to NESTA.

Direct Donations

We are facing large issues on Earth regarding climate change, resource management, species endangerment, earthquake mitigation, water management – just to name a few. However, the population's understanding of these complex topics is inadequate to meet the competency towards proper Earth stewardship and policy making. In the K-12 classroom, it is becoming increasingly more important to provide authentic learning experiences that will enable students to develop an understanding of Earth science. Your support of NESTA is vital in helping to prepare students to become the decision makers of tomorrow. Please consider the opportunity to "pay it forward" and help support Earth and space science teachers across the country. You can make a difference by making a donation to NESTA – through our online payment system. All donations are tax deductible. Donate here.

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