Linda Lennon

Linda Lennon

I became interested in working with digital collections through a good friend and fellow digital geologist, Karin Kirk. I am excited to join the team working to build and maintain the web resources here at MSU. I have been interested in teaching and learning ever since I began trying to master various sports in my teens. Learning led to teaching, and teaching led to questions. These digital collections are a new way to answer many educational questions.

Love of mountains has determined my address since I graduated from high school. Questions about the mountains led me back to college and a Bachelor's degree in geology, in 2002. The mountains around me also inspired a degree in drawing and painting. Prior to joining the geoscience web development team at MSU, I was writing science articles for an educational website, Yellowstone Geographic.


Montana State University—Geology, Bachelor of Science, 2002
Montana State University—Drawing and Painting, Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2001


Lennon, L., 2002, Yellowstone Celebrates 130!

Lennon, L., 2003, Devil's Slide; Deposition, Deformation, and Erosion

Lennon, L., 2003, Obsidian Tells Many Stories

Lennon, L., 2003, Microscopic Wildlife in Yellowstone National Park