Kent  Ratajeski

Kent Ratajeski

Montana State Univeristy

I am an assistant research professor at Montana State University. My academic background is in igneous petrology, and most of my research has concerned the petrology of granites in some way or another. I have taught a number of undergraduate geology courses as a visiting assistant professor at several colleges and universities since finishing grad school in 1999. My teaching experiences have been firsthand learning experiences in geoscience education, and I am excited to be focusing on new aspects of geoscience education for my post-doc at MSU.

Since arriving at MSU this fall, I have been responsible for creating and developing content for the Geoscience Education in the New Cyberinfrastructure and the Teaching Mineralogy with Crystal Structure Databases and Visualization Software modules at SERC. These projects are funded by DLESE Community Services to explore ways to improve the use of online geochemical databases in earth science education. I will also be contributing to other DLESE Community Services projects in the coming months, including a database of published fieldtrip road logs for Montana and Yellowstone.


University of North Carolina - Geology, Ph.D.,1999
University of Maryland, College Park, MD - Geology, M.S., 1995
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology - Geology, B.S., 1992


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