George with SPQ 04 teamates George(middle right) with 2004 Adventure Race Teamates

George Rice

Montana State University

I have recently joined the Geoscience Education Web Development Team at Montana State University as a Research Associate/Project Manager to support activities related to the "Digital Educational Resources in Microbial Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity" (DERMEED) program.

Presently I am nearing completion of a doctoral program in Thermal Microbiology at this same institution . The focus of my thesis work has been the discovery and characterization of viruses found in the thermal features of Yellowstone National Park. The project has been highly productive overall, and has resulted in two separate PNAS publications.

My passions outside of work include the sport of Adventure Racing, cross-country (Nordic) competitions, coaching for the local youth Nordic club (BSF), mountain/road biking, and trail distance running to round it all out.


B.S., Montana State University, Bozeman - Biomedical Science—1997


George Rice, Kenneth Stedman, Jamie Snyder, Blake Wiedenheft, Debbie Willits, Susan Brumfeild, Timothy McDermott, and Mark Young. "Viruses from extreme thermal environments" PNAS 2001, vol. 98, no. 23, 13341-45

Jamie C. Snyder, Kenneth Stedman, George Rice, Blake Wiedenheft, Josh Spuhler, Mark J. Young. "Viruses of hyperthermophilic Archaea" Research in Microbiology 2003, vol. 154, 474-482

George Rice, Liang Tang, Kenneth Stedman, Francisco Roberto, Josh Spuhler, Eric Gillitzer, J.E. Johnson, Trevor Douglas, and Mark Young. "The structure of a thermophilic archaeal virus shows that a dsDNA viral capsid type spans all domains of life" PNAS 2004, vol. 101, no. 20, 7716-20

Related work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant, 1998—present

- Collection and culturing of extreme thermophiles
- Fermentation
- Screening environmental samples and lab cultures for new viruses and unidentified virus like particles
- Various filtering and centrifugation techniques
- Electron microscopy including TEM, SEM, and cryo EM
- Cloning and sequencing of whole viral genomes (restriction library and shotgun)
- Genome annotation
- Heterologous expression of viral proteins (E. coli)
- Protein characterization via SDS-PAGE gels, and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
- Western and Southern blots
- Size exclusion and affinity chromatography
- Standard and Real Time PCR
- Site directed mutagenesis