Floral Park Traverse, Glacier National Park.
Photo courtesy of Jon Ziegler (June 2008).

Erin Klauk

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I began building educational web pages with SERC in the fall of 2004, and am the main contributor of the Impacts of Resource Development on Native American Lands module. I have also contributed to the Observing and Assessing Student Learning collection, the Integrating Research and Education collection, the Advances in Paleontology collection, the Teaching with GeoPads collection, the Geochemical Instrumentation and Analysis collection, and the Teaching Phase Equilibria collection.

Before beginning graduate studies at Montana State University, I resided in Buffalo, NY. A summer job as an Interpretive Ranger at Yellowstone National Park locked in my love for the west, where I have lived ever since. My passion for hiking and skiing in the Rocky Mountains led me to Bozeman, MT where I worked as a graduate research assistant under Dave Mogk at MSU. While completing my master's degree, I studied the earth sciences, geoscience education, and Native American resource exploitation. Currently, I teach high school geology and astronomy in Laramie, WY.


Montana State University - M.S. in Earth Science, 2007
SUNY College at Buffalo - B.A in Earth Science; B.A. in Secondary Science Education, 2003

Publications and Presentations

Klauk, E., Solar, G., 2001, Strain in Naturally Deformed Conglomerate of the Silurian Rangeley Formation in Western Maine, poster GSA National Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts

Klauk, E., Mogk, D., 2005, Web-Based Instructional Resources on the Impacts of Resource Development on Native American Lands, poster GSA National Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah

Wolak, Jeannette M., Klauk, E., Mogk, D., Feeley, Todd, 2006, Geology of the St. Paul and St. George Islands, Alaska: Field- and Web-Based Learning Through the Pribilof Islands Stewardship Program, 102nd Annual Meeting of the Cordilleran Section, GSA, Anchorage, Alaska

Klauk, E., Mogk, D., 2007, Impacts of Resources Development on Native American Lands, presentation at Indian Education for All Best Practices Conference, Bozeman, Montana