A picture of Julian

Julian Deiss


I began working with the 'Digital Educational Resources in Microbial Ecology, Evolution, and Diversity' (DERMEED) program in January, 2005. My background is in environmental science, where I studied transport of Lead and Diesel Range Organic (DRO) in conjunction with the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC). The study was in a rifle range that was on top of a peat wetland in Juneau, AK. My masters study is the aqueous geochemistry and microbes in hot springs in Yellowstone National Park.

Outside of academics I enjoy bicycling, sculpting, boat building, and orchid growing. But really I like bikes, if it has two wheels, I have to pedal it, and it is up hill I probably like it. My recent favorite quote is "I ride my bike to ride my bike"... actually it is to race.


M.S., Earth Sciences, Montana State University Bozeman, student 2004 - Current
B.S., Environmental Science, University of Alaska SE Juneau, 2002


Deiss, Julian., Byers, Carl., Clover, Dave., D'Amore, Dave., Love, Alan., Menzies, Malcolm A., Powell, Jim., Walter, Todd M., Transport of lead and diesel fuel through a peat soil near Juneau, AK: a pilot study. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology. 74, 1-18 (2004).