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Ewan massages a kangaroo

I recently began working for SERC (under Dave Mogk) building a web module on Advances in Paleontology for the DLESE Community Services project that will include links, class exercises, and profiles of cutting edge scientists.

In my alternate life , I am a doctoral student working on my PhD entitled "Oral Pathology of the Archosaur Feeding Apparatus: A Comparative Phylogenetic Approach," which is a long way of saying that I look at jaw diseases in all sorts of dead reptiles, birds, and fossils. Since I've been at MSU, I've had a variety of different paleontology experiences such as leading a dig in northern Montana, CAT-scanning T. rex skulls and going to Queensland, Australia on research.

Before I did all this stuff, I spent a lot of time racing on the national circuit in whitewater slalom kayaking, teaching kayaking, and driving all over Maine in search of the perfect tidepool. Now, when I'm not up all night writing, I do Taekwondo and improv comedy.

When I get done with my PhD, I am off to veterinary school.


  • Montana State University—PhD, 2007 anticipated
  • Brown University- MS/PhD candidate 2001-2002
  • Bates College - Geology, B.S. Cum Laude with honors, 2001

Selected Publications

  1. Wolff, E.D.S., Fowler, D., and Bonde, J., 2006. A possible case of necrotizing dermatitis in the alligator Diplocynodon, from the Oligocene of the Isle of Wight, UK. (submitted, in review, Historical Biology)
  2. Wolff, E.D.S., 2006 (in prep) The Context and Justification of Zoological Paleopathology.
  3. Wolff, E.D.S., 2006. (in prep) Gross Pathology of the Tyrannosaurus Mandible.
  4. Wolff, E.D.S., 2006. (in prep) White Elephants and Novel Diseases of the Past. (Editorial)
  5. Wolff, E. D. S. and Varricchio, D. J. 2005. Zoological Paleopathology and the Case of the Tyrannosaurus Jaw: Integrating Phylogeny and the Study of Ancient Disease. Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Annual Meeting Abstracts and Papers, Mesa, Arizona, Nov. 2005.
  6. Wolff, E.D.S. 2005. Visiting T. Rex on Pathology Rounds: Case Reports on the Lower Jaws of the Largest Predatory Dinosaur. Wildlife Disease Association International Conference Proceedings, Cairns, Australia, Jun. 26- July 1, 2005.

Webcams of the Animal World

I am always thinking about veterinary medicine, so here are a few links to some animals that I care about.

Beluga Webcam
National Zoo Webcams

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