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Connecting to the Webinar

The webinar will include both video (which will allow viewing of the presenter's computer as they work with GeoMapApp) and audio (to hear the presenter and to ask questions). There are two main options for connecting to the webinar:

  1. Use the free Yugma software on your computer and a telephone:

    You may use Yugma, screen sharing software, to view the presenter's computer. This url will take you to a screen where you can enter your name and email and then connect to the session. The system should automatically install the needed Yugma software and connect you to the session. We've found this is not 100% foolproof with many computers. So you may have better luck manually downloading and installing the software before you try the url to connect to the session. Alternatively, you can try their viewer only interface and provide the session id (319786924) manually.

    The Yugma session will be available 30 minutes before the start of the webinar. We encourage you to connect early so that you have time to work through any problems before things start. Note that trying to connect before that time will not work.

    Viewers using Yugma can get audio through a standard phone conference call. Dial:
    1.800.704.9804 and provide access code: 54839877
    You'll be able to hear the presenters and ask questions.

    The phone line will open 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the webinar.

  2. Use the free Quicktime Player on your computer:

    There will also be a live quicktime stream that will include both the presenter's screen and the audio from the call. This can be used as an alternative to the Yugma/Phone combination. The quicktime stream will be at a lower quality than you'd receive with Yugma and you won't be able to ask questions (as the stream is a one-way connection). However, you may choose to dial-in via phone as well (while muting the quicktime player) in order to ask questions. This second option is best if you are unable to install Yugma or are viewing from a location where audio via the phone is impractical.

    The most robust way to access this stream is to start up Quicktime Player (download quicktime if you don't have it installed), select 'Open URL' from the File menu and paste in the address:
    A resizeable window with the audio and video should appear.

    The stream will be available starting 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the webinar.
If you encounter problems during the call please email with the details. We'll do what we can during the webinar to help you get connected.

After the webinar a recording (both video and audio) will be available on this website.