Apply to Test Mini-Lessons in Your Classroom

Development of Mini Lessons

GeoPRISMS mini lessons are being collaboratively developed by teams of Geoscientists from different institutions. The teams are focused on integrating important MARGINS data and findings into lessons accessible to undergraduate students. To create lessons that are both data rich and utilizing research-based pedagogies, each team includes a Science Team Lead that worked on the MARGINS initiatives and a Curriculum Specialist that has experience developing teaching materials with On The Cutting Edge.

Testing Lessons in Your Classroom

Each mini-lesson can stand alone in a course on a relevant subject, or multiple lessons can be combined for longer data-rich segments. Each lesson includes learning goals, teaching materials, and a preliminary assessment plan to help gauge student learning and success of the lesson. If you would like to test materials in your classroom, please view the mini-lesson topics and express your interest.

Data Collection and IRB

All of the mini-lessons include student assessment materials which will help us understand how well the materials worked in your classroom. These materials should help you gain a sense of success, and can help identify areas that need improvement. We would like all testers to collect this student data. If you are also able to gain IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval, we will be able to use your anonymous student data in publications that evaluate the project success as a whole. Please consider this option, and indicate your interest on the application form.