Working Group Synthesis (of 2.5 hours together)


  • Pre-survey to understand the breadth of interests and goals, for both those able and unable to attend the workshop
  • Day 1 (60 min) structured from survey results- goal to decide on working groups
    • Developing and sharing teaching materials
    • Research collaborations
    • Critical analysis, ethics, and equity
  • Day 2 (90 min) working group time- decide on a goal and next steps

Resulting Groups and Goals

Teaching materials: Gaps

  • Goal: Identify key data science skills and information falling between curricular cracks at LACOL schools and provide existing resources to begin addressing them.
  • Next step: Survey LACOL faculty to identify needs resources (perhaps through a SWOT analysis lens)

Teaching materials: Domain specific

  • Goal: Facilitate sharing of data and skills resulting in a repository of software tutorials, commentary, wrappers, assignments, etc, that help teach students to use important tools, particularly those that are inclusive of students' varied pre-college opportunities and scaffold skills
  • Next step: Identify software packages for which information could be gathered and reach out to those who can provide resources

Critical Data Science for Everyone (intro course)

  • Goal: Develop consortium-wide critical data collection and analysis course. Course development would be critically thoughtful about tools, spaces, and pedagogy to create a course that would be supportive of all students, regardless of pre-college opportunities.
  • Next step: Meet as a subcommittee to articulate goals

Building Databases for Research

  • Goal: Exploring options for a general-purpose database and schema that could be used for research and teaching
  • Next step: Design requirements, research existing solutions

LACOL Support

Be on the lookout for a LACOL survey to help move these topics forward. Looking for others interested in contributing to these efforts.

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