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Environmental Justice Essay Collection

These essays were submitted by faculty in preparation for the InTeGrate Environmental Justice workshop in April 2013.


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History, Privilege, and Disproportional Environmental Burdens
Christopher Wells, Macalester College
Christopher Wells, , Macalester College My course, Environmental Justice, is cross-listed among the departments of Environmental Studies, History, and American Studies, and focuses on a few key themes and ...

Utilizing Environmental Science Towards a Better Understanding of Environmental Justice
Nathan Cahoone, Trinidad State Junior College
Nathan Cahoone, , Trinidad State Junior College This essay is designed to link two major concepts in a study of Environmental Science and Environmental Justice. As an instructor who has taught primarily Biology ...

Transfering Observations into Reserach: Looking at the Student Perspective
Hayley Smith
Hayley Joyell Smith, , North Carolina State University at Raleigh Incorporating environmental justice into a classroom presents a rich opportunity to illustrate how geoscience can solve one of the world's ...

Gender and Service Learning in Environmental Justice
Barbara Whitten, Colorado College
Barbara Whitten, , Colorado College I am very interested in teaching environmental justice, and work to incorporate it into most of the Environmental and Feminist and Gender Studies classes I teach. I've been ...

Cultivating Action: Environmental Justice in the Environmental Science Classroom
Kate Darby, Western Washington University
Kate Darby, , Allegheny College Too often, environmental studies/science courses and students begin with the presumption of a people-free environment. When I ask students in a lower-division environmental science ...

Some of us are more "in it" than others
Deborah Jackson, Earlham College
Deborah Jackson, , Earlham College In Southwestern Ontario, just across the St. Clair River from Michigan's "Thumb," is the largest concentration of petrochemical plants, refineries, and related ...

Using GIS to investigate Environmental Justice
Abu Badruddin, Cayuga County Community College
Abu Badruddin, , Cayuga County Community College I have been teaching GIS and remote sensing courses with the inception of our GIS program. I always intended to bring students to my GIS classes from across the ...

Community Capacity-Building & Environmental Justice
J. Kyle Bryant, US Environmental Protection Agency
J. KYLE BRYANT, , U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY-REGION 4 Before people "care what you know", they must first "know that you care"! This phrase rings so true for the countless EJ ...

Environmental Justice as a Pre-(Environmental)Professional Prerequisite
Lauren Waterworth, Appalachian State University
Lauren Waterworth, , Appalachian State University Introduction: I teach in the Geology department at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. I am also a practicing attorney in the field of ...

Environmental Justice – When Is it Absent?
DIANE BERES, Ripon College
DIANE BERES, , Ripon College The course in which my teaching of environmental justice occurs is "Introduction to Environmental Studies." It is primarily taken as an intro to the major or to fulfill a ...

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