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Engineering and Geoscience Essays

These essays were submitted by faculty in preparation for the Engineering, Sustainability, and the Geosciences workshop in March 2013. Participants were asked to share their approaches to integrating engineering and geoscience, why they think this approach is valuable in preparing students for the workforce, and their ideas for building upon this base to strengthen the integration of geoscience and engineering.


Finding a Global View at the Intersection of Geology and Engineering
LeAnne Teruya, San Jose State University
LeAnne Teruya, Geology, San Jose State University On January 12, 2010, Haiti was struck by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that caused massive destruction and an astounding loss of 316,000 lives. Little more than a ...

Materials and the Environment
Mark Koopman, University of Utah
Mark Koopman, Metallurgy, University of Utah I must confess at the outset that these are not the words of an experienced and wizened professor of engineering and the geosciences, but rather the observations of an ...

Teaching at the Intersection of Geoscience and Engineering
Mary Beth Gray, Bucknell University
Mary Beth Gray, Geology, Bucknell University I have the pleasure of teaching geology to first year civil and environmental engineering students through an introductory course entitled "Geology for ...

Incorporating engineering-based problem solving into water and environmental geology classes
Gigi Richard, Mesa State College
Gigi Richard, Physical and Environmental Sciences, Colorado Mesa University As a civil engineer teaching in a geology program for more than ten years, I integrate engineering into my geosciences classes regularly ...

A few thoughts on the integration of engineering and geoscience
Vince Cronin, Baylor University
Vincent S. Cronin, Geology, Baylor University I am a geologist rather than an engineer, so my comments should be read with this perspective in mind. The first place to look for opportunities to integrate ...

Teaching from multiple perspectives
Dan Morgan, Vanderbilt University
Daniel Jones Morgan, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt University Teaching from multiple perspectives "Like most North Americans of his generation, Hal tends to know way less about why he feels ...

Integration of Geoscience into Geothermal Bore Field Design
Kevin Amende, Montana State University-Bozeman
Kevin Amende, P.E., Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Montana State University-BozemanToday's technological advancements play an important role in the way our society gathers and disseminates ...

Uncertainty and Risk: Bringing the Geosciences into the Civil Engineering Classroom
Gretchen Miller, Texas A & M University
Gretchen Miller, Civil Engineering, Texas A & M University I suspect that certain concepts in my groundwater course irritate my students. That a rock labeled "sandstone" could have a hydraulic ...

STEM education for the 21st Century
Mookesh Dhanasar, North Carolina A & T State University
Mookesh Dhanasar, Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina A & T State University As an educator I am very passionate about student learning and how well they grasp complex technical concepts. This ...

Teaching Engineering Geology in a Geoscience Department
Robert Mitchell, Western Washington University
Robert Mitchell, Geology, Western Washington University I'm pleased to have this opportunity to share specific examples of how I integrate engineering and geoscience in an engineering geology course I teach ...

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