Participant Checklist

By January 27th:

  • Make your travel plans. For information on travel, lodging, ground transportation and meals see the logistics page. Make your plans so that you can attend the entire workshop.
  • Register and submit your travel information for the workshop.

By February 7th:

  • Submit profiles of how your department supports minority students as well as a degree program offered in your department.
  • Submit a 1-2 page essay describing how your programs help students understand the relevance of their learning about the Earth to issues they care about. What does it mean to be "societally important" and "relevant" to your student population? How does this work inform the department's work throughout the cycle of attracting new students, supporting them through the major, and preparing them for careers? Your essay will become part of the public website., for publication on the SERC website.

Prior to the workshop:

  • Print out (and bring with you) a map of the ASU campus.
  • Read all of essays by your fellow workshop participants. They are being made available on the Participant List page as they come in.
  • Review the information on the InTeGrate website related to Recruiting and Supporting Minority Students in STEM Disciplines. The information these pages will ensure a common base of knowledge so that the discussions at the workshop can start from where we are and go forward. Participants should also think about additional resources the group should develop coming out of the workshop that will make the overarching website even more useful.
  • Create a SERC account if you don't already have one; it's quick, easy, and free and you'll need it during the workshop. Please use the email address you receive workshop communications to, as access to the workshop pages will be based on this email address.
  • Bring a laptop or tablet computer for use during the workshop. We will use them in several of the sessions.

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