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InTeGrate Teaching Module Preview

A sneak preview of one of several modules that will be released in 2014

Since 2012 a diverse group of faculty from over 65 institutions has been engaged, through InTeGrate, in developing and testing new undergraduate teaching materials. The first round of materials are due to be made freely available in 2014, with 24 different modules and courses currently in development. We're so excited about the quality and depth of this material that we wanted to make a preview available in anticipation of the full release. So we've selected some key elements from one of these modules, Climate of Change: Interactions and Feedbacks Between Water, Air and Ice, and made them available below.

Previewable Pages from Climate of Change: Interactions and Feedbacks Between Water, Air and Ice

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Front Page

The front page of each module provides a broad description of the topics covered and student learning targeted. It highlights the module's particular strengths, especially the ways in which it addresses the five themes of InTeGrate pedagogy.

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Module Overview

This page provides an overview of the entire module which is built around a series of 6 Units. You can see the breadth of topics covered, though in this preview only one of the Units is available.

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Unit 3 - Anomalous Behavior

We've selected this Unit, in which students investigate the ENSO system, as an exemplar of the sort of materials that sit at the core of what we're building. The Unit page outlines the lesson, provides some slides that can be used to give students background and serves as the jump-off point for two hands-on student activities. One of which is included in this preview.

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Case study 3.1 - Predicting Patterns: What does La Niña look like?

This is the first of two hands-on activities that make up Unit 3. Students create an SST map for La Niña and both temperature and precipitation maps for the three states of ENSO.

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Adaptations for a large lecture course

This page is one of 3 adaptation stories that describes how the module was adapted for use in a specific course. The instructor reflects on how the materials played out and how they modified them to fit into their local context. The series of adaptation stories help faculty understand the ways in which the material can be flexed to match needs across different types of courses, institutions and students.

What to expect from the final published modules and courses

The final modules and courses will be complete curricula, ready to bring into your classroom and also explicitly structured to allow you to cherry-pick activities and materials that you can flexibly integrate into your existing courses. Key features include:

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