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Strengthen Workforce Preparation in your Program

Illuminate Career Opportunities to Help Students Prepare Early

Support your students from day one through graduation and give them the preparation they need to find the right career. Many students are unaware of the diversity of careers they can pursue with a geoscience degree. Help students discover the possibilities by building connections with local and regional employers, encouraging them to attend association meetings, and developing an alumni network with whom they can interact.

Equip Students with Skills and Experience that will Help Them Land a Job

There are several ways to provide students with the opportunities and practice they need to strengthen industry-specific and interdisciplinary skills as well as personal effectiveness skills throughout their education. Offering paired courses between departments and requiring senior capstones, internships, or other pre-professional experiences to graduate from your program are just a few of these ways.

Connect with Employers & Alumni

Establishing a relationship between your department and local employers can lead to benefits for both sides: students gain awareness of opportunities and build their professional network while employers can get a preview of potential hires. If your department has alumni working at local companies, they can be an invaluable resource during this process.

Maintaining a thriving alumni network can lead to many more advantages. Alumni serve as examples to current students and are often happy to give advice. Strategies from Building Strong Geoscience Departments are identified on these pages:

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