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Course and Module Proposers Seeking Team Members

The following individuals are interested in submitting a proposal for one of the InTeGrate calls for proposals and are seeking additional team members. While you are not required to assemble a team ahead of time, we are making it possible for people to share their ideas more broadly and connect with others interested in the same topic. Please contact the individuals below directly if you are interested in their topic and would like to be part of a multi-institution team to develop new curricular materials for InTeGrate. Learn more about how to add your idea to this list.

Module Proposal: In-depth Analysis of Natural Disaster(s)

David Kobilka, Central Lakes College, Minnesota

Specifically, my interest has to do with creating classroom activities that bring students closer to actually experiencing a natural disaster, and what they can learn from that. I am thinking therefore about a module that involves an in-depth analysis of a disaster (or disasters) then with this added experiential component. I am a geoscience faculty at Central Lakes College, a 2 year college in tectonically safe central Minnesota.

Contact Information:
David Kobilka
Department of Geoscience
Central Lakes College
501 W. College Drive Brainerd, MN 56401
218 855 8233

Module Proposal: Ocean Circulation in a Humanities Frame

Annalisa Bracco School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

I am a Professor of physical oceanography at Georgia Tech with experience at teaching oceanography, ocean dynamics and climate at graduate and undergraduate levels. I am looking for team members to introduce oceanography and specifically the ocean circulation into a humanities frame to undergraduate students. I envision a module on the history of ocean exploration that presents major currents (and their seasonality, reasons for existence etc) linking ocean conditions to successes and failures, or time required, of various expeditions, from the Phoenicians to the more recent past and first circumnavigation. A two-week module could also focus on a specific basin (for example it will be possible to cover the Atlantic or the Pacific separately).

Contact Information:
Annalisa Bracco, Professor School of Earth and Atmospheric Science
Georgia Institute of Technology
311 Ferst dr, Atlanta GA 30332
ph: 404-894-1749

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