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Call for Proposals for Implementation Programs

Proposal Deadline March 28, 2014

InTeGrate seeks to increase the Earth literacy of all undergraduate students, as well as the number of graduates who are prepared to bring an understanding of the Earth to bear on the resource and environmental issues faced by our society today and in the future. Institutions, or clusters of institutions, are invited to apply for grants of up to $50,000 to develop and evaluate programs that model innovative ways of 1) increasing the number and diversity of students developing Earth literacy and/or 2) preparing a diverse workforce equipped to bring geosciences to bear in addressing societal issues. Types of programs suitable for responses to this call include but are not limited to:

  • Interdisciplinary programs, majors or certificate programs with a strong geoscience component designed to prepare students for careers addressing challenges of sustainability;
  • Programs that engage students with issues of sustainability and their scientific underpinnings and provide a continuous pathway from high school to a STEM degree;
  • Programs that increase the enrollment and graduation of students from groups underrepresented in the geosciences;
  • Programs that broaden access to science by introducing geoscience across the liberal arts curriculum;
  • Inter-institutional programs that bring geoscience into courses at institutions without geoscience faculty including minority-serving institutions and 2YCs;
  • Programs that strengthen the role of geoscience in the preparation and professional development of K-12 teachers, including but not limited to Earth science teachers;
  • Programs that introduce or strengthen the role of geoscience in the preparation of STEM majors outside of the geosciences.
  • Programs that facilitate the transition from college or university to the workforce.

We anticipate that each group working on an implementation program will involve a leader and five or more individuals in design, implementation, and assessment over the course of two to three years. During this time the program will be designed, implemented, and tested to determine if it is working as intended. Funds may be used to support faculty time and other expenses related to design and testing. All implementation costs must be borne by the institutions involved. The intention is that the project will be an ongoing offering sustained by the collaborating institutions. Evidence of institutional support for the project and long-term plans for its continuation will strengthen the proposal.

All funded implementation programs will work with the project assessment and evaluation teams to collect data demonstrating that the program is meeting its goals, the impact it is having on students, and the effect on enrollments. Each implementation program will be fully described on the InTeGrate website using a format designed to support adoption or customization of the model by other institutions. This will include successes and challenges, tips for implementation, and recommendations to those seeking to adopt or adapt the program for use on their own campus. All materials developed as part of the implementation program (e.g. teaching materials, evaluation instruments) will be published on the website and made freely available to not-for-profit educational institutions. The copyright for all materials will be held at Carleton College for the InTeGrate project.

To apply, please use the application form to submit a 3 to 5 page proposal describing the goals, major elements, and measures of success for the implementation program, as well as a discussion of why the program is a good strategy for the particular institutions, departments, or programs involved to meet the stated goals. In addition, please provide information on why/how this design is supported by the administration and the likelihood that it will be sustained into the future, a plan describing how the implementation program will be designed and applied, a budget request, and a timeline. Please also include a budget request with a description of how budgeted funds will be used to support design and testing of the program and the names and titles of key personnel. Note: funds cannot be used to support instructional time, expenses related to instruction, or student expenses.

Implementation programs will be selected based on the likely success of the program, the magnitude of impact, the program's potential to demonstrate a creative new approach, and the program's ability to be widely adopted or adapted. Preference will be given to projects that make use of materials developed by the InTeGrate project.