GPS/GNSS Data Sets

This page is still in the process of being developed.

Prepared data sets

These prepared resources will assist you if:

  • You cannot go out in the field
  • You have a hardware failure in the field but still want to do a related exercise
  • You want examples from other locations or ideas for how similar exercises have been done elsewhere

Data sets

Field locations with preexisting benchmarks or campaign data

We have successfully reoccupied previous benchmarks on two occasions with our classes--a creeping landslide (Salmon Falls Landslide, ID) and earthquake fault leveling line (Borah Fault, ID). If you are interested in having students do change detection, this can be a valuable way to obtain even decades of potential change. We offer a few suggestions below but you may well know of others near your field sites.

In choosing a site, you will want to consider the likely magnitude of change. It is ideal if you can identify locations with several cm of change, as this is the viable resolution for OPUS solutions. In this module with undergraduates, it is not feasible to do higher level processing, which would yield mm resolutions, unless you have someone who can do this on behalf of the students and provide them with the processed data to analyze (using research-grade software such as GAMIT or GIPSY). Of course, even if you do not find discernible change, that is an important lesson in the realities of scientific research, but you will need to coach students on how to handle this result if it happens.

Other ideas

You can also try searching GNSS data archives for campaign station locations and see if it is feasible to revisit any of these sites.