Tell Us About Your Use of GETSI Materials - High Precision Positioning with Static and Kinematic GPS/GNSS

Thank you for taking the time to complete this feedback survey! We are conducting educational research on how instructors adopt and adapt the GETSI teaching materials. Therefore we are most interested in an accurate portrayal of how the materials were used and/or modified in your course. Even if you only used a small portion of the module, we would like to have your feedback. The GETSI project facilitator will see your name associated with your response.

In recognition for the effort it takes to complete this form, you will earn a $100 stipend. This survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. We will verify that you are a current or recent instructor. You must be a US citizen or at a US institution in order to receive a stipend.

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It may help to have the High Precision Positioning with Static and Kinematic GPS/GNSS (opens in a new window) open in another window to refer to while you take this survey. If you wish to give feedback on a different module instead, please visit Share Your Experience Using the GETSI Modules page (opens in a new window) to find other GETSI modules.

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Did you use any other modules? If yes, we would really appreciate your feedback on those as well. Go to the Share Your Experience Using the GETSI Modules page (opens in a new window) to select a different module to review. You will be eligible for another stipend.

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