Funding Opportunities for Two-year College Faculty: Possibilities, Challenges, and Successes

Sunday, October 31 5:30-7:00 in Colorado Convention Center Room 608

This workshop/discussion will bring together two-year college faculty, National Science Foundation program officers and others to explore and discuss a range of issues associated with involvement of 2yc faculty and funding opportunities at NSF. The workshop/discussion will address the following questions: What are examples of NSF-funded projects that involve 2yc faculty? What are issues faced by 2yc faculty interested in pursuing NSF funding and how might these be addressed? How can we better support two-year college faculty in the grant proposal, from proposal writing to final reporting. What suggestions might we offer for increasing the involvement of and support for community college faculty and students in NSF-funded projects? Light refreshments will be served.

Space in this workshop is limited. Please apply by October 21 for priority registration.

For additional information, contact Eric Baer or Heather Macdonald.

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