EvaluateUR Time Line

This Timeline instructional video is part of the EvaluateUR instructional videos.

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Getting Started: Pre-Research Step 1

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Pre-Research Step 2

  • Student and Mentor meet to discuss all outcome components and assign scores, identify and score additional project-specific outcomes, and submit assessments
  • Student and Mentor receive automated message with link to access 'Score Report' showing scores for the 35 (plus any additional) outcome components
  • Student and Mentor discuss score report before ending the meeting

Mid research-03.png


  • 1-week before mid-research point, mentor receives automated email reminder and asked to confirm they are on schedule
  • Site administrator receives email notification and releases the Mid-Research Assessment; if pair is not on track, site administrator needs to adjust dates for that pair (found on the registration page)
  • Student and Mentor receive automated message with link and instructions for completing the mid-research assessment
  • Student and Mentor independently complete assessment and submit it
  • After both student and mentor submit their assessment, automated message is sent with link to the score report
  • Student and Mentor meet to discuss assessment and progress (using score report)

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  • Follows same sequence of steps as for the Mid-Research Assessment

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