Main Steps in this Section
  1. Three days prior to mid-research deadline the Mentor receives an automated email reminder and is asked to confirm they are near the middle of the research.
  2. The Administrator receives an email notification and releases the Mid-Research Assessment if the pair is on track.
  3. Student and Mentor receive automated message with link to Assessment
  4. Student and Mentor independently complete assessment and submit it
  5. After both submit assessment, message with URL link to Score Report sent
  6. Student and Mentor meet to discuss Score Report


The student and mentor independently complete the second (mid-point of research) assessment and meet to discuss their responses.

Following completion of the assessment, both the student and mentor receive an automated email with a link to the score report that shows scores from the first two assessments and a reminder to meet in order to discuss these scores. It is important for the site administrator to remind both students and mentors how to take advantage of the score report during the conversation by discussing how and why each scored the outcomes and why the scores may have differed from the first to the second assessment.

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