Instructional Videos

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Introduction & Features

This video is an introduction to EvaluateUR and its features.

Getting Started

This video explains how to subscribe to EvaluateUR and how to add and activate student-mentor pairs. It also reviews how you set default dates and add optional outcomes and questions.

Using the Timeline

This video explains EvaluateUR's sequence of steps (more information is available in the Roadmap User Guide.)

Running an Orientation Session

This video provides suggestions for planning and running your orientation session for student-mentor research pairs who will be using EvaluateUR.

Student-Mentor Conversations

This video provides suggestions about the conversations student-mentor pairs should hold at various times during the implementation of EvaluateUR.

Dashboard Tour

This video provides a guided tour through the full process of using the dashboard to managing your implementation of EvaluateUR.

Using EZStats

This video introduces EZStats and its features (more information is available in the EZStats Guide.)