Best Practices for Implementing EvaluateUR

Applying lessons learned from development and pilot testing of the EvaluateUR Method

Through pilot testing and regular feedback from our users, we have gathered advice for site administrators.    We strongly encourage new and prospective site administrators to make sure you have the time and research program structure necessary.

Here's how you can set yourself up to successfully implement EvaluateUR:

  1. How to Run an Orientation Session
    Present orientation sessions for all participating students and research mentors, so that everyone understands the steps involved in EvaluateUR and its benefits to the research students as well as their mentors.
  2. Frequently check the progress of all student-mentor research pairs to ensure that everyone is on track and completing the necessary steps in a timely manner. Tracking of research pairs' progress will be facilitated by the Site Administrator's dashboard and automated reminders, but the method still requires the Site Administrator to communicate directly with research pairs that fall behind in the scheduled completion of the necessary steps.
  3. Read about the Student-Mentor Conversations
    Ensure that research mentors have time to talk to students. EvaluateUR works best when research mentors are willing to devote time to talking to their student(s) about the research process, career options, and assessment outcomes that are important to student intellectual growth.

Read What Users are Saying  about how their programs and students have benefited from EvaluateUR.