Welcome to EvaluateUR!

What is EvaluateUR?


In conjunction with your independent research, you will be enrolled in the EvaluateUR program to facilitate purposeful discussions with your mentor and metacognitive learning along the way.  Through a series of assessments and student-mentor conversations, EvaluateUR will provide a measure of your learning in a series of outcome areas as well as the opportunity to reflect with your mentor on your growth in research and other skills.



How Will EvaluateUR Benefit You?


By participating in the EvaluateUR process, you will:

  • Learn and practice the discipline of realistic self-assessment
  • Be introduced to a comprehensive list of competencies and skills
  • Gain experience communicating in your discipline
  • Gain confidence and greater self-awareness as you track your academic growth


Resources for New EvaluateUR Students


In addition to attending an orientation session on EvaluateUR, we recommend that all students learn about the method by watching the videos below and/or reviewing the accompanying text.


Watch this video for introduction to EvaluateUR and its features. To read more, visit About EvaluateUR.
Watch this video on how to have productive conversations as student-mentor pairs throughout the implementation of EvaluateUR.