Guidelines for Externally-Funded Programming at the Earth Educators' Rendezvous

The Rendezvous is an NAGT community event, and as such, we welcome members of our community to work with the Rendezvous conveners, NAGT Professional Development Committee, the NAGT Executive Office, and program planning committees to propose external funding for Rendezvous programming. The planning committee constructs each year's Rendezvous program well in advance of each year's event. As such, we ask that if you are interested in submitting a proposal for funding for a Rendezvous event, you work with the conveners before submitting your proposal and through the funding process. We have assembled the timeline below as a guideline to the procedure for proposing and event with external funding for a Rendezvous.

If you already have funding in hand and would like to propose a program element, please contact this year's co-conveners by September 1, and submit to them a letter of intent, with a description of the event by September 30. The letter of intent and description will be reviewed by the co-conveners and the NAGT Professional Development Committee.

Timeline for Proposing Rendezvous Program Elements

  • 28-24 months (Jan-July, 2-2.5 years prior to Rendezvous):
    • Contact the current year's Rendezvous conveners to have a conversation about your programming ideas.
  • 22 months (Sept, ~2 years prior to Rendezvous):
    • Submit a 1-page proposal description and justification, addressing the information requested below:
      • Please provide a brief summary of the proposed event(s) (e.g. 3-day workshop, 2-day workshop, mini-workshop, oral or poster session) for which you intend to seek funding. If the proposal will include multiple events, explain the connection or theme that ties the different events together.
      • Explain the role(s) and experience of the different leaders of this proposal. How would the proposal contribute to the leadership capacity of those in the community?
    • This proposal will be reviewed by the conveners from the current year's Rendezvous and, if accepted, will be forwarded to the NAGT Professional Development (PD) Committee for review of criteria
  • 20 months (Nov, ~1.5-2 yrs prior to Rendezvous):
    • The co-conveners will report back to you with feedback on your proposal from the NAGT PD Committee
  • 20-12 months (Nov-July, ~1.5-1 yr prior to Rendezvous):
    • You will be asked to prepare the complete proposal you plan to submit to the funding agency and provide it to the current co-conveners, who will share it with the NAGT Executive Director and SERC Financial & Administrative Director for review prior to its submission to the funding agency.
    • The co-conveners, NAGT Executive Director, and SERC Financial & Administrative Director may work with you to revise the proposal. Once approved, you can submit the proposal to the funding agency.
  • 12-9 months (July-Sept, the year prior to the Rendezvous):
    • For projects with funding already in place
      • Initiate a conversation/consultation with the current year's conveners prior to September 1 (extended to Sept 30, 2019, for 2020 Rendezvous programming)
      • Submit a letter of intent to conveners, with a description of the workshop, by September 30, that will be reviewed by the NAGT PD Committee (extended to Oct 15, 2019, for 2020 Rendezvous programming)
  • 12-6 months (July-January, 1-0.5 year prior to the Rendezvous)
    • Communicate result of funding proposal, ideally awarded no later than 6 months prior to the Rendezvous
    • Notify SERC Financial & Administrative Director who will forward it to the current co-conveners
    • If notification is <6 months prior to the Rendezvous, we require that proposers commit to running their programming without external funding. We require this because, by this time, the program is set and registration is already open to participants, so we cannot cancel the workshop at this point.